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Of course, reading books in the paper version is great, the smell of new paper and the incredible feeling of each new page is really exciting, but if we talk about convenience, readers prefer reading books online.
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Booknet is a literary platform for readers and writers

In our electronic library, you can both read online and download books for free, as well as buy books of popular genres. We have a mobile version of the site, thanks to which you can comfortably read books online from your phone or tablet. It is convenient to read from any browser on a smartphone and from a regular computer. A separate reader application has been developed for the Android system. Easily download and read books for teens, action, detective, and thrillers. Are you interested in fan fiction? Humor? Different genres of works? Then you have come to the right place, because the best e-books are waiting for you here!

On Buknet you can read the most popular genres:

  • love novels;
  • fantasy;
  • fantasy;
  • women’s prose

On our literary platform, talented writers can easily realize their talent by publishing new books, short stories or novels. Here there is live communication in the comments between active authors and readers, which positively contributes to the increase of the readership and fans. After gaining popularity on the platform, the author can become commercial and sell their own e-books by subscription (selling access to the work in the process of writing) and as completed works. There are currently 3 language versions on the website:

  • Ukrainian;
  • Spanish;
  • English.

Our free library is replenished daily with new works from popular authors, young talents and already has more than 50,000 e-books, which can be downloaded for free in a convenient .fb2 format or buy e-books from your favorite authors.

Do you read fiction, modern prose, erotica, or action? Want to find the most popular books by genre? A convenient rating system, search for books, authors and series will help you.

On our site, you will find many novels about millionaires, as well as other areas of romance novels, besides, you can read books online for free without registration. Choosing books online has never been easier. Historical novels, women’s books, books for girls and books for young adults, fantasy, and of course romance books are also very easy to find on Booknet.

This site helps authors to publish and sell books, for example, an author can get the status of a commercial author and open a paid subscription to his new work, and then start selling his books. However, you need to understand that before you start selling, you need to have a group of regular readers. Booknet, like you, is interested in opening subscriptions and sales, but experience shows that only 1-10% of all readers are ready to pay for e-books.
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Online books

The latest trends encourage modern people to develop and constantly learn. Although in our age of technology, such methods as online webinars, millions of videos, trainings and social networks are available, books are still the basis of it all. Therefore, we decided to create a free online library where you can read more than 60,000 books. books of the most different directions.

Convenient interface

All books are available for free reading, but the site requires registration – why? With its help, you will be able to create a personal cabinet in which all publications selected for reading will be stored. In addition, there is a chart at the bottom, thanks to which you can quickly determine the volume of read and remaining pages. That is, on the site you can read books online without registration, but it is much more convenient with a personal account.

We also consider an unobtrusive design that does not distract as an advantage for a site of this purpose. Finds the right books very easily and quickly with the help of search or categories.

On our site, educational materials are presented, for example, you can read books about business by such authors as Bill Gates, Dearlove Des, Bruno Anthony, Janet Tuson and many others. Also, for entertainment, you can read romance novels, fantasy, detective stories, or world classics.

Articles and biographies

In our electronic library, the “Articles” section is updated every week. In it you can read content on the following topics:

  • a brief content of the book;
  • reading tips;
  • latest news in the field of literature;
  • reviews of modern books.

In the “Authors” section, by clicking on the selected author, you can briefly familiarize yourself with his biography. We are working hard on this and in the near future such an article will be available for each writer.

Get inspired for a quality life and learn new things with us! We believe that everyone can achieve success if they just try.