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Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet English is a publishing house that primarily publishes travel guides. The main language of the publishing house is English.

It was one of the first official publishing houses specializing in the production of guidebooks for poor tourists, primarily young people and students. In 2007, the publishing house was bought by BBC Worldwide, a commercial agency of the BBC. “Lonely Planet” published more than 500 titles, mainly travel guides, advisors and phrasebooks in eight languages ​​of the world. The annual circulation of publications reaches 6 million copies. Currently, the publishing house employs about 500 employees and 300 authors of texts.

In June 2008, “Lonely Planet” published the second edition of the guide to Ukraine. It contains 292 pages of text and 46 maps. The reissue is scheduled for June 2011. In April 2008, a Ukrainian dictionary was also published.

In 2016, Lviv entered the top 10 places worth visiting in Europe, according to Lonely Planet, at No. 5. Only the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece, Aarhus in Denmark, Venice in Italy and Dordogne in France were ahead of the city of Leva in the rating.

In December 2020, NC2 Media sold Lonely Planet to Red Ventures for an undisclosed sum. Lonely Planet offices continue to operate in Dublin, Nashville, New Delhi and Beijing. Philip von Borris, former co-founder and CEO of Refinery29, has been appointed chairman of the company.

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Book publication

The company claims that it is committed to publishing books by authors who represent cutting-edge scientific thought

The company claims that it publishes works based on the academic merit of the research, and does not charge any fees for publication or other purposes. The company offers free copies, a significant author discount and a generous royalty scheme.

The company publishes works in the field of health care, physical and social sciences. In 2018, 729 books were published.

The company is criticized. On the one hand, the criticism refers to the “excessive reliance on the authors … even the basic editing of the texts”, and the reviewers note that the books of this publishing house “simply should not have been allowed to appear if the proper quality control typical of the scientific publications of a Cambridge scholar was carried out.”

On the other hand, it should be said that “they publish your book all the time, do not pay you, and do not offer royalties for copying”.

The company has published work by scientists from universities including the University of Michigan, University of South Florida, University of Pennsylvania, University of Central Lancashire, University of Athens, American College of Greece, University of Cyprus.
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Brief description

The publishing house has 60 branches. About 1,800 employees work in the publishing house. Founded in 1534 by Henry VIII Tudor. Along with Oxford University Press, this is the second publishing house that has the status of privileged presses with the right to print the King James Bible.

The authors of the publishing house include such names as John Milton, William Harvey, Isaac Newton, Bertrand Russell and Stephen Hawking. The current index of the publishing house offers 34,000 book titles, to which about 2,800 new titles or editions are added annually. The publishing house publishes 240 scientific journals.

Cambridge University Press is also known for its textbooks for learning English.